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BIl Nord Open 2019
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Rules for Bil-Nord Open.

Fees: (Turbo is included in all starting fees.)

Starting fee – 700:- (Swedish kronor)

Re-entry fee - 600:- (Swedish Kronor)


Registration will open in October!



Qualifying match: Six series with European rules, Draw of starting track for the qualifying games.

Handicap: 70% off average up to 215, maximum 25p/Series (continuous whole year.)

Ladys +5 

In the qualifying match the total result + HCP will apply (Maximum 25 for Gents and 30 for the Ladys)

In 1/8 final, Quarterfinal and Semifinals, stepsfinal aswell as Turbo there is a roof of 300 points in one series. So if you have a handicap of 25 you can totally make a score of 275 points per series.

In the qualifying sessions there will be 4-6 players per track.

Players have the right to qualify 3 times, 1 ordinairy and 2 Re-entrys.

Our players that have traveled (15+ miles) will have priority to the finals.

Re-Oil will take room before every qualification.

you can book this on: for more information please contact Stema Bowling (Örnsköldsvik bowling) 0046 660 – 55703


Towards the Final.

  1. 1-5 in the qualifying sessions goes straight to the quarterfinals.

  2. 6-23 in the qualifying sessions goes to the 1/8 finals

  3. 3 with the highest result from previous qualifying sessions that is not included in finals will go to 1/8 finals.

  4. 1 Best woman that is not in the finals will go to 1/8 finals.

  5. 1 best 50+ that is not in the finals will go to 1/8 finals.

  6. 1 Best youth (born 2002 or earlier) that is not in the finals will go to 1/8 finals.

  7. 3 highest clean shots that is not in the finals will go to 1/8 finals.

  8. Turbo series 4-6 to 1/8 finals that is not included in point 1-7


1/8 Finals.

4 series with European rules, 6 players per Lane couple.

15 players from 1/8 finals will proceed to Cup-Game.

1/8 finals will be held on Saturday evening at 8pm.

The results from the 1/8 finals will be ranked 6-20.



You will play according to your ranking from the 1/8 finals.

Placing nr.1 will meet nr.20 and so on.

You will play 3 series and the highest total score will place you in the Semifinals.

Cup-game 3 series:

(Quarterfinal 1) Sunday

Rank 6 will play against 15

Rank 7 against 14

Rank 8 against 13

Rank 9 against 12

Rank 10 against 11


Cup-game 3 series:

(Quarterfinal 2) Sunday

Ranking 1 against 20

2 against 19

3 against 18

4 against 17

5 against 16


Semi Finals.

You will keep your ranking from the Quarterfinals. If ranking position 20 goes on to Semifinals you will meet the person with the lowest ranking. And just as the quarterfinals you will play 3 series and the one with the highest total points will move up to (Stepladder finals).


Cup game 3 series.

(Semi-finals) Sunday

Ranking 1 will keep its ranking position.

Lowest ranking will meet the highest ranked player.


Stepladder match:

We combine the total points from the quarterfinals and the Semifinals and the players with the highest total will be ranked from 1-5.

5 winners from the Cup finals will go on and play Stepladder finals AM play for one series.

5 against 4, the winner meets nr.3 and so on until we have a winner of Bil-Nord Open!





Rules regarding your bowl:

It is allowed to change the surface of the bowl during practice as long as it is done by hand and then wiped clean before use on the lane. Always use approved polishing or cleaning products.

If you need to attend to cleaning of any sort this will be done outside the court and should not hinder anyone from playing.

However it is Not allowed to change the surface of the bowl under or during a series. You are however allowed to wipe it off with a dry cloth.


Ranking of results:

  1. Equal results.

    1. Highest results in the final series.

    2. Highest results in the next to last series and so on.

  2. Cupgame based on ranking, if there is a draw the game will be judged in the form of

(Roll off 2 boxes, 9th and 10th box without HCP)

  1. With the same results from Finals, stepladder finals the lowest HCP applies.

3.1 Lowest HCP.

4.2 previous series.

4.3 Counting Strikes.



Players are allowed to play in their own shirts as long as their name is visible on the back of the shirt.

Warnings or point penalties can be given for “Slow Bowling”



If you play on the wrong lane the score will be deleted and replayed.

If everyone in the lane couple plays on the wrong lane the scores will count.

You should go back to the assigned lane straight away.

If there is something wrong with the scoring please contact the crew of the bowling alley.

If you have a complaint this should be submitted no later then 10 minutes after start.

Do you need to cancel your booking? This can be done for no additional cost until the first start have been played.

Late cancellation will result in the fee being taken unless the qualifying sessions are full or the player finds a suitable replacement for the cancelled spot.



1st place – 30.000:-

2nd place – 15.000:-

3rd place - 7500:-

4th place – 5000:-

5th place – 2500:-

6th-10th place – 2000:-

11th-20th place – 1500:-

There after according to SvBFs regualtions.


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